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The April 8th 2015 and its effects (grounding of all FAA pilots and N-aircrafts not complying with EU-legislation) has been delayed until 2018.

We continue however to create companies for pilots as fast as we can, but we are overloaded by the demand (now the waiting time is about 6 months, and it is increasing).

Don’t wait end of 2017 to react and order your company…

A trustable source is the Swiss authorities Website (FOCA). It is here:

A recent post here reminds us that from April 8th, there is no other way than:

– convert your licences and your aircraft to EU legislation;
– fly under OACI third country operation…

European AOPA says the same: here:

– Enroute IR is possible quiet easily, but it doesn’t allow to take off or land under IMC weather;
– for full IR, training and examination are mandatory, as well as an EU-certified equipped IFR aircraft.

And recent efforts about an IFR for light aircrafts ?

They are not pleasing, contrary to what we were promised: Read the last Aviasport (aviasport mai 2014)…

EASA and national authorities have given birth to a “compromise” indeed unsatisfactory: “EIR” or IFR enroute.

With two big problems to solve: first, it does not soluce the issue of “N” registrations, which therefore require an FAA license still current.

Most importantly, this IFR-discount does not allow taking off or landing in instrument flight conditions, or even flying through a layer at departure or arrival, but just crossing a few clouds on the way.

It does not allow to start from the place we planned to leave, at the time we planned to fly, to go where we planned to go. It therefore doesn’t worth it.