There are two solutions around this problem (except to continue to fly illegally or to stop flying) : 

1) FAA pilots can get corresponding European licenses (conversion). This first solution is a valid solution. This however involves formalities and flight time according to the European criteria and can not be performed on an “N” aircraft.

In addition, it does not solve many other problems created by the new legislation (type ratings, FCL055 and English exams, initial and annual training and tests, etc.).

2) The second solution is simpler and unstoppable: the EU Law stipulates that pilots don’t have to comply with the aforementioned restrictions IF the operator of their flight is not based in Europe.  

This is what we provide: a small turnkey foreign company created one for each pilot. A concrete bank account with corporate credit card to pay for flight expenses (landing taxes, parking, handling, fuel, etc.), operate the flight (flight plans, MET file with METAR/TAF, NOTAM, Slots/PPR) for the pilot-in-command (for a definition of “operator”: cf. here).

Pilots only have to replenish their own bank accounts, as they need to. 

These firms – real companies with real office and employees – belong wholly to them, exactly like the US Trust they created to own their “N” aircrafts. 

The company’s accounting will be managed by our office in Marrakech. This service includes domicile agreement, local statutory tax returns (monthly, quarterly and yearly) and basic management.

Swiss National Aviation Authorities have confirmed that under these conditions, a foreign company will be considered as a valid operator, excluding the application of the new EU laws (cf. here).